Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Black and Gold Glitter Engagement Cake

I was very honoured and excited when my friends Amy and Billy asked me to make this cake for their engagement - it was a very unique cake design and very different to any of the cakes I've previously made so I knew it would be a fun challenge.

Amy asked for the bottom tier to be red velvet and the top tier to be carrot cake - which I thought was really cool as I've never been asked to make a carrot cake before - and it's one of my favourites.

The bottom tier was so tall I had to bake four individual cakes to make it the right height. That's a LOT of red velvet cake!

The most challenging thing about this cake was the gold sparkly top tier. I did a lot of research into it and finally chose to use gold sanding sugar as I thought that would give it the most textured look.

I've been itching to use my new airbrush kit ever since February when my wonderful Hubby gave it to me for my birthday and so I decided to use gold shimmery airbrush paint to colour the white fondant underneath the sanding sugar (so that there was no white peeking through the gold). It worked great and was really good airbrush practice. I wasn't sure what the best method of sticking the sanding sugar to the fondant would be but I usually use Sugar Flower Glue to stick everything onto fondant so I figured it would work for sanding sugar as well.

I used a brush to cover the entire fondant-covered top tier with the glue and then sprinkled the sanding sugar on, starting with the top of the cake. One thing I didn't think of is that sugar dissolves. There were a couple of spots where the glue was a bit thicker and some of the sugar started to dissolve a little bit. That was a pretty good lesson! Luckily I was able to cover it up with some more sanding sugar. The sides of the cake were much harder to cover evenly with the sanding sugar - the best method I found was to tip the cake about 45 degrees and then sprinkle the sanding sugar on starting from the top edge. That worked fairly well but I ended up with sanding sugar EVERYWHERE!

The next step were the black stripes on the bottom tier. I was initially going to use strips of black fondant, but at the last minute changed my mind and decided to use black satin ribbon instead. I thought it would be cool to add yet another texture to this funky cake.

The final effect was exactly as I hoped - the smooth shiny ribbon added a great contrast to the textured sparkly top tier and the crisp straight edges of the black stripes looked great on the white fondant.

Next were the three love hearts - a pink one to match the rose topper, a black and white spotted one and a gold glittery one. I intentionally made the pink fondant slightly marbled to give the pink heart a slightly different look. I also used a small round piping tip to outline the spots on the white heart to give it texture. The gold heart was decorated with the gold sanding sugar to match the top tier.

The final touch was the pink fondant rose on top of the cake. Like with all my fondant roses this one was made over several days to allow adequate drying time for all the individual petals.

Amy did a great job of decorating the function room where their engagement was held and she had some gorgeous gold bunting right above the cake table which I just loved :-)

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