Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Polka Dot Wedding Cake

In April this year I was very honoured to make a wedding cake for one of my oldest friends, Lauren, who I have known since we both started high school.

Lauren and her lovely fiance Adrian were set on a polka dot cake from the very first moment they asked me to make it - and it matched the slightly quirky and very sweet theme of their wedding perfectly. Laren also supplied colour swatches for me to match the colours of the fondant polka dots to - I just love an organised Bride!

For me the main challenge with making this cake was that it was square! I don't often get asked to make square cakes as most people seem to prefer round (no idea why - square cakes look awesome!) and so I haven't had much practice covering square cakes with fondant. As with all cakes though, the trick is to get the ganache base as perfect and as smooth as possible and then covering with fondant is so much easier. Still a little bit stressful every time - at least for me!

Especially this cake which I wanted to get extra perfect for my friend :-)

Once the cake was covered with the ivory fondant it was fairly easy from there... if you don't count the rather long task of cutting out and applying 152 colourful polka dots!

The finishing touch was the super cute cake topper which Lauren also supplied - and which featured Princess Peach and Luigi. Lauren had even stuck a little veil onto Peach's hair :-)

Congratulations Lauren and Adrian - you make a wonderful couple and your wedding was just beautiful :-)

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