Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fairy Cake

 In March this year I got to make this super sweet fairy birthday cake for a little girl turning 4 years old. Up to this point most of the kids cakes I had made were for little boys (Soccer Ball Cake, Wiggles Cake, Dinosaur Cake). Being a girl who loves pink and all things girly I was naturally very excited to be making a pink fairy cake.

Victoria's parents chose the cake design from a few photos that I sent them of fairy cakes I had found on the internet so there wasn't much of a challenge design-wise - but the making of this cake was certainly a new challenge for me :-) I haven't made many fondant figurines in the past and especially not detailed ones like the fairy.

Being summer in Brisbane, Australia the weather was very hot and humid and this was definitely part of the challenge! Even left to dry overnight the body and head of the fairy were still not completely hardened which resulted in a slightly stressful moment when the fairy started leaning back as though she wanted to lie down completely! After a moment of complete panic I was able to prop her up with a couple of toothpicks - phew!

The smaller decorations around the fairy were not as affected by the heat, but even the little mushrooms had a bit of a lean going on. I like to think that it hopefully added to the cuteness of the cake :-)

Here is a close-up of the butterfly which luckily hardened enough overnight to stand up by itself.

I think the main lesson I took away from making this cake was to make sure I give fondant decorations at least 2 nights to harden properly - especially in hot and humid weather.

The sides of the cake were decorated with pink and white butterflies. Just to make this cake extra pretty.

 Here is one more photo - this time the top view of the cake:

The cake inside was vanilla layered with white chocolate ganache - and as a surprise for the birthday girl each layer was a different shade of pink. The birthday girl's lovely parents were nice enough to send me a photo of the inside of the cake.

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