Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pretty Teapot Cake

February is always a great month because that's when my birthday is! And who doesn't get excited about their own birthday cake - even if you end up making it yourself ;-)

This year to celebrate my birthday I hosted an afternoon tea for my friends and so when I stumbled across this great tutorial explaining how to make a teapot cake I knew immediately that I had found the perfect birthday cake design.

My teapot cake design is a little bit different, but the great tips in the tutorial really helped me in creating my cake. The tip I found particularly helpful was to draw a circle on baking paper of the same diameter as the teapot and use it as a guide to form the handle and spout.

The teapot was actually a fairly simple cake to make but required a bit of patience. I baked the cake in my round Wilton tin and cut off a little bit on the bottom (to stand it up on the cake board) and a little bit at the top (to make room for where the lid would go). I had never covered a round cake in fondant before but it was a bit easier than I expected - or maybe it was just beginner's luck...

The most difficult part of decorating this cake was attaching the spout! Both the handle and the spout had toothpicks inserted at two points to help attach them, but while the handle attached really well because it was so even from top to bottom, the spout was really bottom heavy and kept tipping over! At first I had no idea how to fix it and was starting to think that the cake would be my first ever cake disaster, but then at the last moment (okay that makes it sound a lot more dramatic than it actually was... but it sure felt pretty dramatic at the time!) I fixed it by using a little bit of fondant to help stick the top part of the spout to the side of the cake. Phew! Crisis averted. If you have a close look you can see the little fondant join in the photos, but I don't think it was too obvious...

After that it was all smooth sailing with adding the remaining decorations on. I used a mould to make the little roses which was the first time I had ever used a mould because I was always worried it would be really tricky. But now I think I;ll use them all the time! I loved how the little roses turned out, especially as I also used my pink edible glitter spray on them :-)

The cake inside was white chocolate mud cake which is my all time favourite cake. Cutting into such a pretty cake wasn't easy but as the birthday girl I had to do it...

I was pretty happy with this cake and my friends loved it too! A few of them actually didn't realise it wasn't a real teapot until I told them! :-)

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