Monday, 3 March 2014

Pink Rose Cake With Damask Side Stencil

In November last year I was asked to make this very special cake for a customer's Mother In Law for her 70th birthday. It was definitely one of my favourite cakes from last year, if not the favourite because of the gorgeous design and the lovely pale pink colour! It's definitely a cake that I myself would love for MY birthday :-)

The cake inside was vanilla cake and was also pink to match the outside - it was three layers in different shades of pink, from lightest to darkest. Very similar to the inside of my Ruffle Cake that I made a little while ago. It was then also layered with strawberry Swiss meringue butter cream (yum!). Like I said, definitely my kind of cake!

It was actually the butter cream that made this cake a little bit challenging - I usually use ganache to cover my cakes before putting the fondant on because ganache sets much harder than butter cream, doesn't need to be refrigerated and is generally a bit easier to work with. But Butter cream was what this lady wanted so butter cream it was!

The main problem with butter cream is that it needs to be refrigerated to set properly, but then needs to be brought back to room temperature before the cake is covered with fondant. So it's a bit of a balance between waiting long enough so that the fondant doesn't 'sweat' due to the cold but not too long so the butter cream doesn't soften too much. The hot humid Brisbane weather certainly doesn't help either - luckily we have air conditioning!

So it was a little bit stressful but I managed to get the fondant on and then apply the royal icing stencil :-)

The fondant roses were fairly time consuming to make but very rewarding! I think they really made the cake.

The roses several days to make - each petal was made separately, frilled at the edges and then left to dry overnight in a petal forming cup, then all the petals wear attached to the central fondant bud one at a a couple at a time with drying time in between. Then finally glued onto the fondant covered cake!

The final touch was of course the birthday message on the cake board, done in my Clikstix letter cutters.

I was really quite happy with this cake and can only hope that the birthday girl loved it as well! :-)

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