Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How To Make a Suit Cake

The first cake for 2014 was for my wonderful husband's birthday in January. He is a very classy guy so I decided to make him a suit cake this year :-)

It's a fairly simple but quite impressive design - the secret to this cake looking good is in the clean lines and sharp edges. To achieve this I first drew a template of what I wanted the cake to look like and I used the template to cut out every part of the suit out of fondant, starting with the white triangle for the shirt (to do this I had to cut up the template into individual parts). Once the white shirt part had been placed on the ganache-covered cake I added the white strip to the centre of the shirt to make it more lifelike, then covered the remainder of the cake on each side of the shirt with black fondant for the suit. Finally I used the template to cut out the suit collar parts and placed them on top of the black fondant along with a little fondant strip for a pocket. The various layers of fondant gave the cake a nice 3D effect.

 I made sure the white fondant hung  a little over the front edge and also reached the bottom of the cake at the back.

The next most important parts of this cake were the little details. I made the buttons look as lifeline as possible by poking two little holes into each button. I achieved the slightly jagged edges of the buttons by cutting them out with a wide star piping tip.

I then of course added a bow tie - because what suit isn't complete without one.

It's a little bit difficult to see in the photos but I also used a textured rolling pin on the white fondant for the shirt to give it a striped look.

The cake was completed with a birthday message on the cake board.

But wait, there's more!

My husband is often home when I'm decorating cakes so it's difficult to surprise him with the cake design for his birthday (although this year I actually managed to keep the cake design secret right until the end). Because of this I decided that I would make the inside of the cake a surprise as well - I made it a checkered dark and white chocolate mud cake! (my next blog post will be a short tutorial on how to make the checkered cake - trust me it's really easy!)

This is what it looked like on the inside:

My husband loved it and I was so glad I could surprise him! :-)

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