Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How To Make a Square Checkered Cake

This little tutorial will run through a very easy method of making a square cake that is checkered on the inside.

This method will work for a square or rectangular cake (the method of making a round checkered cake is different).

Firstly bake two cakes of the same size, one white (like a white chocolate mud cake) and one dark (like a dark chocolate mud cake). You could also bake four cakes, two of each colour, and make the cake twice as high.

Once the cakes have cooled down measure and cut each cake into strips of equal width. Make sure you've cut both cakes into the same number of strips.

Once that's done simply start placing alternating strips on a cake board (of the same size as the cakes). I used white chocolate ganache in between each strip to hold them together. When you get to the end spread some ganache over the top of the complete first layer, and repeat the same process for the second layer, making sure to start with the opposite colour strip.

And that's it - it's that easy :-) Keep in mind that the checkered pattern will only work in one direction so try to remember which way the cake is oriented once it's been decorated. Or if like me you forget, make the first cut in the centre of the cake, that way you'll be able to see which direction you need to keep cutting in to get checkered cake pieces.

This is what it will look like:

The photo above is the inside of my Suit Cake - check out how to make it here.

Why not surprise someone with a checkered cake for their next birthday like I did for my husband :-)

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