Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

In February one of my best friend's once again asked me to make a cake for one of her boy's birthday - and this time his party was going to be a dinosaur theme! I knew straightaway that this cake was going to be very fun to make :-)

The thing I love about making cakes for my friend's boys is that she gives me full creative licence with the cake design! So apart from the fact that it had to go with a dinosaur theme I got to choose everything else about it.

I had a look on Google to get some inspiration and there were so many great designs on there! It's actually always difficult to create something totally original with so many amazing cake designs already out there, and I'll be honest - this cake was definitely based pretty closely around one particular design. So I can't take all the credit.

The dinosaurs are by far the coolest thing about this cake - and were also the most fun part of the decorating process. Here is a close up look at all of them:

Here is Mr Purple Triceratops.To make him I made a big oval 'blob' for his body and then used my finger to form the long ridges and made little cuts in each of them with a sharp knife. To make his head I made a rounded cone shape and then gradually flattened out and stretched the flat bottom of the cone, then used a knife to put his smile on. Four small 'blobs' for the feet were next and then I waited overnight for all the pieces to dry (VERY important to do this - the longer you can leave them all to dry the better. I probably should have left this little guy to dry a little bit longer because his big belly started to sag a little in the middle!) before I stuck them all together. Right at the end he was decorated with the yellow spots and his nose horns were added.

Next up is Mr Blue Stegosaurus. He was definitely the easiest to make as his body was just one big piece of blue fondant which I rolled and massaged to form a tail, belly and head. His triangular spikes were cut out sing a knife and then stuck on once they were completely dry, and his eyes and feet were little balls of fondant - the feet slightly flattened at the front and nails were added using a blunt knife, I think my favourite bit about him is his googly eyes :-)

And finally my personal favourite - Mr Orange T-Rex! Seriously how cute is he :-) I think it has something to do with his big smile and slightly crooked teeth. He was made similarly to the other two, with all the parts starting off as orange fondant blobs and then shaped. Making fondant dinosaurs (and other figurines) is really very similar to playing with play dough when you were little - you just get to legitimately eat the play dough later! (Or in this case it would get eaten by a whole bunch of excited 2-year-olds...)

And here is another photo of Mr Triceratops - because he's so cool!

I think all the little extra decorations - leaves, bones and boulders - really added to this cake as well. I made sure to stick them on all around the cake so that the back of the cake looked really interesting as well. I actually was going to add a birthday message onto the front of the cake board but realised that I hadn't left any space for it after sticking all the decorations on. Oops! Either way I think the birthday boy was pretty pleased with it :-)

The cake inside was white chocolate mud cake - my favourite! Lucky for me I was invited to the party so I got to have a piece :-)

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