Thursday, 27 February 2014

Blue and White Wedding Cake

In September last year I had the pleasure of making yet another wedding cake for a lovely couple. It was the same size as the Damask Wedding Cake I had made in March - four tiers with the largest being 14 inches in diameter and the smallest 5 inches. However this cake was a slightly more simple and classic design with blue ribbon around the bottom of each tier and decorated with fresh flowers.

Here is a photo of the gorgeous fresh flower cake topper which was delivered to me by the florist - she was nice enough to prepare all of the fresh flower toppers for me so that all I had to do was pin them onto the cake.

 As usual each tier was transported to the wedding venue in its own box on a non-slip mat and assembled there - I'm very lucky that I have a very patient and supportive husband because I tend to stress out just  tad when it comes to the transport of cakes! The wedding venue had an amazing metal cake stand for me to put the cake on - I think it really added to the overall look of the cake. And how gorgeous is the entire venue!

The challenging thing about this cake was that because it was decorated so simply with just the ribbon the fondant had to be perfectly smooth as any bumps or cracks would be very easily noticed. I was pretty pleased with how smooth I was able to get the fondant (and I was also able to place the flowers over any slightly imperfect parts - ssshhhh...). I think the trick with getting the fondant perfect is to really ensure you've kneaded it long enough. It also helps to use a really good brand of fondant like Bakels (which is what I used for this cake). I was also particularly pleased with how straight and vertical the sides of all the tiers were, thanks to me spending a long time getting the ganache perfect prior to covering the cake with fondant.

Here are just a few more different views and close-ups of the cake:

As always I'm looking forward to my next wedding cake challenge! I have a couple coming up this year for two of my very good friends which is extra exciting! :-)

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