Saturday, 31 August 2013

How To Make A Wiggles Big Red Car Cake

Last month I was lucky enough to be asked to make to very special birthday cakes. The first was this Wiggles Big Red Car cake for my friend's little boy who was turning three years old. This was definitely one of the most fun cakes I've made and I was so happy with it! I think the birthday boy liked it too :-)

I had time to take quite a few photos while making this cake which means I can share the process of making and decorating the car cake in a bit of detail in this post.

I started  with a fairly tall square cake which I first made into a rectangle by cutting a few centimetres off one side. I had found a side photo of the actual Wiggles car on the internet and I printed it off in the size I needed and cut it out before starting. I made two copies of the template so that I would be able to attach it to both sides of the cake to help guide me in carving the car. I used tooth picks to attach the paper templates and then started by carving along the top edge - you can see this in the photos.

Once I was happy with the top edge I just rounded all the other edges off a bit - the Wiggles car is quite round so it was fairly easy (unlike the really complex Aston Martin cake I made a while ago!). I also carved a square seating area in the top of the car which is where the Wiggles characters would go later. I covered the carved cake first with chocolate ganache and then with the red fondant and it started looking a little bit like the Wiggles car - but it would all be in the details with this cake.

Before I stuck any other parts on I moved the car cake onto the round base cake I had prepared earlier. The base cake was covered with bright green fondant to make it look like the car was driving on grass.

Here is the base cake, all ready with two dowels stuck into it for support.

 And here it is with the red care cake sitting on top. By this stage I had also made the yellow roof of the car which sits folded up on the back (I never realised that the Wiggles car had a convertible roof until I made this cake!)

Next I made the wheels as these would need to dry a bit before being attached to the car - otherwise if I tried to attach them while the fondant was still soft they wouldn't hold their shape and it would end up looking like the car had flat tyres ;-)

To make the wheels I rolled out some black fondant to about a centimetre thick and cut out four circles (to work out what size cutter to use I just placed the cutters next to the car where the wheels would go) I then rolled out the red, blue, purple and yellow fondant and cut out four squares of each colour. I then used one square of each colour to make a big square and then cut out four smaller circles so that each quarter would be a different colour, and stuck the smaller circles onto the black wheels.

Once the wheels had dried I stuck them all onto the car and finished them off with red strips across the top to make the sides of the car look more like the actual Wiggles car.

The finishing touches to the car were the Wiggles logo on the hood of the car and the headlights. The logo was a bit fiddly because I didn't have letter cutters that small, so I ended up using my fondant extruder to make a very thin fondant 'rope' and then made the letters out of it. It turned out better than I expected, I'll definitely use that trick again in the future :-)

For the headlights I just made little red cones and then used a ball tool to gently press into the flat side of the cone.

The Wiggles themselves were also made quite early on in the process because they too needed lots of drying time. This was actually my first time ever making fondant people and they were maybe just a little funny looking but turned out okay I think. Once I had them sitting inside the car they looked pretty cool anyway!

They actually look a little bit like Lego men!

Right at the last minute I decided to add a red fondant rectangle to the front of the car which said 'Big Red Car'. Part of the reason for adding this was also because the fondant right at the front of the car wasn't completely smooth and I wanted to cover it up. I'm not sure I was 100% happy with this addition but of course once I had stuck it on I couldn't take it off so it stayed.

And so the car was complete! Of course I finished off the cake with a birthday message - in yellow to complement the colour scheme.

Here is the whole cake again from the other side - because the little fondant guy in the purple t-shirt (Jeff?) has hardly been in any of the photos!

And here is a nice side-view of the car...

And a top-view of the whole cake. It was such a bright, colourful cake I couldn't stop taking photos of it!

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