Monday, 16 July 2012

Pink Ruffle Cake

Keeping with my recent ruffle theme (see my Ruffle Wedding Cake!) this weekend I decided to try a cake I had been wanting to try for ages – this gorgeous pink ruffle cake. This cake is simple enough to make for a birthday party and beautiful enough to have as a wedding cake.

This was SUCH a fun cake to make! And a lot easier and quicker than I expected it to be. The cake itself was a simple vanilla cake, filled with my favourite home-made strawberry filling (it’s my mum’s recipe, buttercream on a custard base with real strawberries mixed in, and it’s the most light and fluffy buttercream ever! I’ll have to share the recipe at some stage).

The frills were piped using pink Swiss Meringue Buttercream (for the recipe see my previous blog post). I’m sure they could also be done with regular buttercream, but I had been recommended the Swiss Meringue Buttercream, and I have to say it was the best buttercream I have ever used – so easy to pipe as well.

Not only did the cake look amazing on the outside, it had a bit of a surprise on the inside!

That’s right, I divided the cake mixture and baked three separate cakes, all in different shades of pink J Resulting in the ‘pinkest’ cake I’ve ever made – what can I say pink is my favourite colour... I used the Americolor Gel colour in Dusty Rose to get these three gorgeous shades. I then flattened the tops with a knife and layered them with the strawberry filling (I also ate quite a bit of the filling in the process... lots of gym time for me this week!).

Now for the piping itself – once I had made up the buttercream (this is a bit time-consuming, so make sure you do it early if you've got a deadline) I first spread a thin layer over the top and sides of the whole cake.

I then filled my little icing syringe (I personally prefer to use it over piping bags as it gives me more control) with the buttercream and attached a small rose tip – if you’ve never seen one before it’s shaped like a long thin tear drop, look for a Wilton Tip #104 or similar).

To pipe the ruffles, I placed the tip right next to the bottom of the cake, with the pointy end facing outwards from the cake and started piping back and forth. The first couple of ruffles were a little bit wonky but I soon got the hang of it! I found that it’s a LOT easier if you pipe faster. Unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush and didn't get a chance to take any photos or videos while I was piping, but next time I'm making this cake I'll make sure to take some and add them to this post. For now, here is a link to a great ruffle tutorial on YouTube. And the great thing about this cake, there are so many ruffles that you can’t really see any mistakes! If you look really closely I’m sure you would notice a few less than perfect ruffles on my cake...

But from a bit further away it you can't even tell :)


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  2. Awesome job! Especially for attempt #1! You're definitely destined to be a cake making master and superstar!

  3. Ula this is amazing!!! and i am so glad to see a cake that is fresh with strawberries :)

  4. This is such a wonderful bake! I simply adore the design! =)

  5. Thank you, I love the design too, it's so pretty!

  6. Thanks heaps Rach, the fresh strawberries made it taste so yummy!

  7. I am in love with all your cakes. I was just pondering what kind of cake I could maybe theoretically make for my birthday and this looks A-MAZING.

  8. Thank you so much :) I really love this cake too, the ruffles are so pretty!