Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Wedding Cake

I have been a rather busy girl since my last blog entry in April - first I moved from Canberra to Brisbane with my fiance at the beginning of May and then about 6 weeks later... we got married! The wedding was on the 16th of June and it was the most beautiful day of my life. Everything was absolutely perfect.

My wedding cake was extra special - because I made it all myself! Those of you who have read the About section of my blog will know that the reason I got into cake decorating originally was so that I could make my own wedding cake. Many people were of the opinion that I was crazy to add that kind of stress to the final week before the wedding day - and let's face it, it was a little crazy - but I pulled it off and it turned out exactly how I imagined it, and it was so great to look at it and think it was all my work :) Plus it saved me a heap of money!

The cake inside was white chocolate mud cake (so yummy) with white chocolate ganache. There were four cakes in total - two 10 inch cakes to make up the bottom tier, and two 8 inch cakes for the top tier. It was actually way too big for the number of guests and we ended up with the whole top tier and half the bottom tier left over after the wedding!

I managed to sneak a few photos of it during the reception:

The ruffles were by far the most time consuming part - and the part I had to practise the most. I found a really helpful video on how to ruffle fondant - you can see it here. I did my ruffles pretty much exactly like he girl in the video, except I used a frilling tool instead of a Celstick. I tried using a Celstick  but in the end found the frilling tool to be easier.

The next most difficult part were the roses - I definitely spent a bit of time practising those too. The video I found most helpful was this one, although there are heaps available on YouTube showing lots of different methods. I also used the frilling tool to soften the edges of the petals. If you want to see what the frilling tool and the softened edges look like, you might want to have a look at my blog post on How to Make a Fondant Peony Rose.

I got pretty good at making the roses, but what really made them look amazing on my wedding cake was edible lustre spray. Seriously that stuff is amazing. It's like glittery spray paint that you can spray on your fondant and it's edible! It comes in lots of different colours but the ones I used were the pink and the pearl colours. I also made the roses in two different colours, ivory like the rest of the cake, and a pale pink. The darker pink rose in the picture below was a pale pink rose sprayed with the pink lustre spray.

One other trick I used was to use a half sphere styrofoam block to stick the roses into - that's what gave the posy of roses a nice 'dome' look. It worked great - you could hardly see the styrofoam underneath the roses.

So all in all I would say my first ever wedding cake was a great success! And only a little bit stressful. I would definitely do it again :)


  1. Awesome work Baby. You're amazing!

  2. Loved this post! You made very very amazing bakes! =)

  3. I adore the ruffled effect! you are absolutely amazing

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments :) It's dedinitely my favourite cake that I've made so far!

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