Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

I love Valentine's Day.

Unlike so many of the rather cynical people around me, I don't care whether or not it's "just a big marketing ploy" - I see it as an extra excuse to celebrate my amazing relationship with my gorgeous man. And to give him cutesy little presents. And to pour my heart out to him in a cutesy card with a teddy bear on the front... okay you get the idea :) I guess I'm a bit of a sucker for the marketing hey!

Anyway, this year it was also an excuse to bake some really cute Valentine's Day treats! I couldn't decide whether I wanted to make cupcakes or cookies so I went with both. I baked flourless chocolate cupcakes (they are to die for) and my favourite vanilla cookies (the ones my mum used to always make for Christmas, yum!) in the shape of big and small love hearts.

Once I was done with the baking, then came the really fun part of decorating! I made all my decorations out of fondant, which I had coloured pink and red to go with the Valentine's Day theme. Here are the cupcake decorations, all ready to be stuck on.

The tops of the cupcakes cracked a little in the oven, and I was worried that the fondant wouldn't stick properly to them, so I spread a little bit of dark chocolate ganache over the top of each of them.

The fondant decorations ended up looking so pretty!

And another one:

Decorating the cookies was even more fun because I got to use my new stencil! I used royal icing to transfer the stencil pattern onto the fondant. I love how easy it was to create such pretty patterns! I'll definitely be getting more stencils in the future :)

Here's a close-up of one of the gorgeous stencil patterns.

Here are all the decorated cookies :)

The best thing about these cookies is they make gorgeous Valentine's Day gifts. I wrapped a few in cellophane and tied with a red ribbon to give to friends and family.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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