Sunday, 22 January 2012

Birthday Present Cake

Yesterday marked the 27th birthday of my gorgeous fiance and so of course I wanted to make him a really cool cake. It was never going to be as cool as the cake I made for him last year (which was my first ever Topsy Turvy Cake!) because I didn't have anywhere near as much time but I still think it turned out pretty well. He certainly thought so :)

I really wanted to try making a cake shaped like birthday present box with a lid and a bow on the top. I've never decorated a square cake before so that was a bit of a challenge in itself. The edges didn't quite turn out as sharp as I hoped - but hey, practice makes perfect right! Overall I was quite pleased with the result, especially as it was a bit of a rushed job.

It looks especially nice from the top :) It took longer than I thought to get the nice red colour of the fondant.

I found the red lines on the sides were the hardest. It didn't help that it was really hot inside which made the fondant go really soft! But in the end I suppose all that was really important was the yummy chocolate mud cake inside :)

Next month is my birthday and I'm challenging myself to make a handbag cake! We'll see how that goes...


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